5 Skills and Attributes Property Managers Must Have

Property managers can genuinely make life easier for land owners who manage their own property. Property management is a tough job that can take up quite a lot of time, especially if you are trying to do all of your work on your own. While you’re dealing with everything yourself, you could be putting more strain on your body and stress in your head than you need. 

If you want some more time to yourself, you are probably smartly considering hiring a property manager to assist you. While this is a very intelligent decision that many resourceful landlords have made, it’s also important to remember that not every property management company is the same. 

In fact, a bad property manager can do more harm than good. For example, if you select subpar property managers who don’t know what they’re doing or don’t have the proper skills to complete their tasks correctly, you could waste your time and money on hiring them. 

You should always check for a few essential qualities before you sign any contracts. This article will cover a few key skills and traits that every good property manager should have. 

Five Essential Qualities That Every Property Manager Should Have

You will probably interact with your chosen property manager quite a lot once you hire them, so you definitely do not want to choose someone who can’t do their job right. It’s their job to help you, not the other way around. While there’s nothing wrong with consulting you for your opinions, your manager should be able to handle things on their own unless you really need to be a part of the tasks at hand. 

So, five of the most essential skills that property managers should have are:

Good Communications Skills. Perhaps one of the most vital skills that every manager should have is fantastic communication skills. Both landlords and managers frequently deal with a lot of people, like tenants, potential renters and tradespeople. If your manager can’t even communicate with them effectively, you’re going to run into big problems very quickly. 

Your property manager must be able to speak clearly, communicate what they want to say effectively and they should also be a good listener. Excellent communication is one of the best ways to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. 

Patience. As mentioned, they’ll be dealing with many people in their line of work. So, patience is an absolute must. Property managers should never give in to their frustrations or anger when talking with you, tenants or anyone else. Some people can be annoying and hard to work with, but your manager’s job is to keep a level head and work through anything and everything calmly and professionally. 

Organisation Skills. Property management is a many-faceted job that’ll have your manager doing quite a few different kinds of tasks. Therefore, it’s vital that they know how to organise their work. A well-organised manager can plan out their workload, keep track of important documents and be efficient. On the other hand, poorly-organised managers may take too long to do things, lose track of crucial documents and may even forget to do important tasks. 

They Should Be Aware Of Your Area’s Laws And Regulations. There are several laws that affect you as a landlord. For example, New Zealand’s property laws regulate what you can and cannot ask a potential renter. If you break these certain laws, you could face some severe fines. 

Therefore, it’s imperative for your property manager to be aware of what they’re allowed to do. Great managers stay up to date with all of the laws that affect your work. 

They Should Be Proactive. Property managers are there to help you get your work done efficiently. They should be proactive, not reactive. Good managers should be ready to deal with any issues that arise in a calm and collected manner. Acting quickly and smartly will prevent issues from growing and will help you and your manager be more prepared for the next time they show up, if ever. 

Instead of waiting for something terrible to happen, excellent managers take preventive measures to ensure that problems don’t happen. 

Where You Can Find Trustworthy And Skillful Managers To Help You With Your Work

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