Getting The Best Property Management Experts

August 22, 2022

Every landlord knows that property management can be fulfilling, but it can also be tiring. Taking care of your properties, tenants and yourself can be a big job that takes up a lot of your time – have you ever found yourself wishing that you had a bit of help? If you’re overworked, you should strongly consider hiring an expert property manager to lend you a hand.

Managing your properties comes with various tasks and jobs that can call for different skills, and a fantastic property manager with the right knowledge can be a significant help. 

But, not every manager is the same; how do you know whom to pick? After all, making a bad choice can lead to big problems.

Why Do I Need The Help Of A Property Management Company?

As you think about your management company options, you may wonder, ‘do I really need their help? Can’t I do it on my own?’ While it may seem far easier to stay with the status quo and do everything yourself, you should know that hiring a skilful property manager can help you in many ways. 

The first thing everyone knows is that you’ll have less work to do, which is a wonderful bonus. However, did you know that a good property manager can make you more money? This may seem confusing initially because you’re paying them to help you; doesn’t that mean you’ll see less money for yourself?

Great property management can absolutely lead to more profits. A property manager who pays attention to their work and does their best to make your properties clean and functional will undoubtedly make your tenants happier, leading to rent paid on time and even more renters. 

A property manager will also be able to adjust your rent – if it needs adjusting – to an amount that’s fair to your tenants, makes sense in the current economy and provides you with a lovely profit. Furthermore, they can also attract more renters if any of your properties are vacant, which will naturally lead to more money. 

Overall, a skilled property management company can make your job easier and more profitable.

How Do I Figure Out Which Property Manager Is Best For Me?

Even if you’ve already decided that you want to hire a wonderful property manager, you still have another problem to deal with – how do you know whom to choose? Like how a great manager can improve your life, a terrible manager will undoubtedly make your life worse. 

As you ponder whom to choose, think about the following qualities;

How Much Experience Do They Have? One of the very first things to check is how much experience your potential property management company has. Have they been in the business for years, or are they just starting up and are still figuring things out? It’s recommended that you choose a company that has years of experience. This way, they’ll be more prepared to handle whatever problems arise. 

What Services Do They Cover? Not every property manager offers every service available. If you have particular tasks that you’d like help with, it’s very important that you make sure your selected management company is willing to do those tasks before you make any deals. 

To do this, you can call or message their team to ask about what they are willing to do. Doing this will allow you to decide if they are right for you.

Are They Good Communicators? When you’re working in property management, communication is vital. So, finding a management company whose team listens well and communicates professionally is a must. As you correspond to them, pay attention to how well they speak to you. Do they take the time to stop and hear what you have to say, or do they talk over you and ignore your thoughts? 

Always hire a property manager who has good communication skills. 
How Much Do They Charge? You should always check how much a property manager’s services cost before you hire them. They should be fully transparent with how much they cost and if there will ever be any extra fees or charges so that you know if you can afford them. 

It’s also important to note that, as mentioned before, great property managers will most likely make you more money in the future. So, paying a bit more for high-quality service will be worth it.

Where Can I Find Reliable Property Managers In New Zealand?

If you’re looking for a skilled management team with years of experience and a passion for working hard, our team at Harper Properties is perfect for you. We have been diligently helping our clients for years and have grown into one of Auckland’s top independent property management companies.

We always try to make sure that all of our clients and tenants are happy and well taken care of. Our services are ideal for any landlord who wants to ensure their properties are maintained expertly. Please call us at 09 361 2810 for more information.

With us at Harper Properties, your properties will stay beautiful and you will thrive.