Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Potential Property Manager

March 9, 2022

However, to ensure the safety of your places and your tenants, you should take measures to hire a manager who is experienced, skilled and has your best interests in mind. Before you hire a manager, it’s imperative that you ask them the right questions to determine how well they’ll do.

What Can A Property Manager Do For Me?

First of all, before you speak to a property management company, you may be wondering what a property manager can even do for you – what specific duties will a manager take on, and what perks can they offer you?

You should know that hiring a great property manager comes with heaps of incredible benefits that can truly improve your life. A few of these wonderful perks are:

They’ll Know The Best Way To Find New Tenants. Finding good new tenants to fill your properties can be very difficult. A skilled manager will know the best ways to advertise your property, prepare your property for new residents and vet potential tenants. 

They’ll Help You Determine Rent Prices. As the economy changes and trends fluctuate, setting a rent price that is fair to your tenants and profitable to you can be tricky. But, a property management expert who has experience in the area can assist you in selecting a rent price that is perfect.

You’ll Have More Free Time. One of the best advantages of hiring an experienced property manager is that you will have much more time for your other interests. 

Although, you should also note that you will not be forced to give up any task that you want to do yourself. At Harper Properties, we strive to help property owners in ways that make them comfortable and happy. So, if you are an owner who enjoys being involved in your place’s maintenance and you like interacting with your tenants, we encourage you to do so. But, if you are an owner who wishes to remain hands-off and you want us to take on most of the work, we will accommodate you as well.

What Should I Ask A Potential Property Management Company Before Hiring Them?

So, once you have contacted a prospective manager, what exactly should you speak about? There are a few questions that you should ask if you want to know more about your potential manager.

When interviewing your potential property manager, you should consider the following questions:

How Do You Deal With Rent? Rent involves coming up with a reasonable price and actually collecting rent money from your tenants. It would be best to determine upfront just how your manager will go about setting and collecting rent. It would help if you asked what details they think about when establishing a good rent price and what software or other methods they’ll use when getting rent payments from tenants. 

How Many Other Properties Do You Currently Manage? Property management companies usually oversee many other properties along with your own. A good property manager will put in the right amount of work for every place they manage, but an overworked manager may not be able to carry out their duties properly. If a company with a very small team is overseeing an abnormally high amount of properties, it could be a bad sign. It would be best if you looked for a company that has a good balance between managers and properties to manage.

What Specific Duties Will You Take Over? As mentioned above, our team at Harper Properties wants you to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, if you have specific tasks that you’d like to hand off to us, or if you have particular tasks that you’d want to keep doing yourself, we can discuss those and develop a solution that satisfies you.

Where Can I Find A Reliable And Hard Working Property Manager To Help Me?

For property managers who are trustworthy and efficient, look no further than our outstanding team at Harper Properties. We are one of Auckland’s leading independent property management companies, and we’d be thrilled to assist you with anything you need help with. Our professional team is highly experienced and very dependable, and we are confident that our management services are right for you.

To further discuss your properties and what you’re looking for in a good property manager, you can quickly get in touch with us through our site. Or, if you’d prefer to call, you can reach us at  09 361 2810 to speak to our team. 

Make sure that your valuable properties are well taken care of with help from us at Harper Properties.